Happy Holidays.

With the settling of the holiday season and spirit, I’d like to send a happy holidays to all my readers and then some. Whether you celebrate Christmas in your own way or culture, or don’t,  ’tis still a time for togetherness and preparation for the brand new year to begin. May you be thankful and appreciative of all you have in your life, and for what the future has to bring. Just a forewarning to my avid watchers that due to January being a busy month for both work and personal life, I will be on a short hiatus from the realm of story. However, don’t fret, for it will all be returning, refreshed and renewed for the upcoming Year of the Horse! I will be hoping to engage in more plot line and story boards with all.



But before I hide away, here is some glorious eyecandy from none other than the beauteous .Enfant Terrible. These four looks will be available very soon to sate your dose of sexy and extravagant. So relax from your merry travels and enjoy!


.Enfant Terrible. Phyllidas Gown


Oh Queen of the night.

Watchful darkfall.

||Beady, piercing jewels were the eyes of the murder – flocking in droves that blotted out the grand Central Fire. The sound of wingbeats rose in haunting crescendo to pound upon eardrums. Such an advent had begun at dawn, with stream after stream of feathered black streaking across the zenith from every due direction. Another ill omen? Or perhaps the awakening of something much more promising? Such was the see-saw of fate across these lands, and the biding of time by the Red Witch as her game of deadly chess cracked piece after piece of her opposition.||


A short and sweet read for the masses as I play all the more with the shadows and windlight settings in-world. While I am definitely an amateur, I love how these two raw snapshots came out (click them to enlarge). And never shall I stray from my love of the colour black and red, oi. Nor do I wish to ever take off this gorgeous and beautifully horror themed skin from -Glam Affair- (how I worship you aida). In the meantime, enjoy and merry travels!


[Outfit Styling Card]

Skin: -Glam Affair- Vera – Horror Edition
[1] Truth Hair – Chynna – reds
[2] CatWa – Mesh Katniss / Dark Reds
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Moody Vamp / Wispy Grey
Makeup: Tribal War Makeup by IV
Teeth: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
[1] vive nine – Nicola Turtleneck Crop – Black
[2] Gawk! Black Highwaist Panties
Scarf: Argrace Infinity Scarf – Black
Pants: .Shi – Drape Bermudas
Socks: C h a r y – Skeem Socks (inverted cross)

Crown: GSpot – Raven-Nell Black – TBA
Belt: Pure Poison – Kara Belt – Red @ Fantasy Gacha Fair
Sword: Backwoods Mafia – Sword in head. (gacha) @ Horrorfest 2013
Arrow: Backwoods Mafia – Arrow in head. (gacha) @ Horrorfest 2013
Wings: [Contraption[ Junkyard Devil Wings *gunmetal* RARE @ OhMyGacha
Leg harness: .Shi – Leg Harness

Animal companion
DC Wearable Crows

I see the other side.

These tidings come.

“And these tidings take, the dearest of them all. You cannot shake this hand that breaks the brittlest of bone. Be it maker, be it friend, a cycle does not end. And though you wane from the course, fate sets you forth, into the dawn of a new day.”



So, over the past couple days, that known verse called “real life” has drained me of creativity, as well as time to delve into my storytelling. However, it did not halt my wanting to make a rather random boho look. While yes, Wednesdays are meant to be the spontaneous day, this look can cater to more of the wanderer or phantom of the GE world. I promise to have more in store for you all in the next episode. Just a heads up for all the shoppers out there, I came across a Saturday event known as The Rack! (be sure to catch the next round, since I am belated in posting this! Oi!), and another piece of news that THE LEGION PROJECT has opened with their Fall Spooktacular (Oct 11th-Oct 31st). Otherwise, do enjoy this simplistic ensemble and merry traveling!




[Outfit Styling Card]


Skin: [the Skinnery] Runa – bare face (champagne)
Eyes: Dead Apples – Shattered – Blind
Hair: TRUTH HAIR – Chynna – Reds
Eyelashes: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no. 03
Teeth: [PXL] OpenMouth Pro


Bodysuit: Beusy – Lace Body Suit (sheer)
Pants: [NV] StitchMeUp Magg Pants -Brown-
Sweater: [Aux] Mr.Rogers Sweater – Peachy Keen
Sandals: Just Design – Jersey Knit

Glasses: the Plastik – Saiyura Glasses
Claws: [ni.ju] Claws


You won’t see me move no more.