May the waters run red.

||Oh, mighty Thassa, how you’ve cared and carried me – to many places in and out of this world. Cleanse my wounds and purify my skin as I pray within you. I’ve offered many times the life flow of others, so you too many enjoy the beginning and end as it always cycles. And here I am blessed that my prayers do not go unheard. Praise, oh mighty Thassa, as you drown me from the rest of the lands, please purge my memories of thoughts better off forgotten. I have come too far now to be stopped by the quakes of the heart.||




So it goes that work consumes, and in being the perfectionist, in-world pictures just weren’t expressing themselves as I hoped. As the world of SL continues to turn, The Fantasy Collective has once more opened the realm’s maw to bring us a world of Pirates! While the swashbuckler life isn’t exactly my favourite cup o’ tea, all the designers involved have made them quite the stylish folk. Featured is the lovely Pirate Jacket in Red from Peqe, as well as Olive‘s beautiful headband hair called Marina in Tangled Candies. There are plenty other lovely goods to mix-n-match, if not add to your personal inventory for just the perfect Pirate look or scenery. Be sure to click The Fantasy Collective banner below for more information and detailed gallery, courtesy of Seraphim. Inquire about any other piece worn in this ensemble and merry shopping!

The Fantasy Collective




Darkness seeps.

||The last phase of recovery presented itself in the suspension of oneself within ones own mind. Day after day was the Red Witch becoming more of a solitary creature, with her loyalists and mighty word casting across the lands like a veiling storm. With dreams and visions reigning hell upon her subconscious self, the conscious reality always left her in a state of calculated thought. In being both a strategist and analyst, now was not the time to put down her guard in the least – for with a companion gone, it was the severing of some sources and only a small margin of profits. To depend upon another was not her way, so no harm done to finances . No, the harm was now to lash upon her flesh, with the gruesome hands of men seeking to grasp. In the base of Myrmidon, the Red Witch was to organize her thoughts and strive on to ensnare more souls to the underground. Her black market trade and occult ceremony were her glory now, and thus it would grow with dark intentions that even the Central Fire may not pry to see.||


So, it is known that I am a glutton for gorgeous accessories, especially that of headpieces that are both unique and intricate. Aymee/Nia of [Keystone] always exceeds my expectations with her jewelry pieces, especially with her latest release of ‘Zahidah’s Crown‘ that will be available for the next round of The Fantasy Collective this February 20th. It will be available in gold, gold/silver, silver, silver/onyx, and of course onyx (featured above). *Chronokit* has also released a comfortable, liquid mesh coat to further compliment their collection of outerwear, and with the chilly season and snow still here, I am more than thankful to be able to dress the part. In the meantime, hope you’re still enjoying the gacha craze, alongside the latest Genre ‘Fae’ Round! Merry shopping and trading and keep an eye out for the next round of the Fantasy Collective.

[Outfit Styling Card]

Skin: .Atomic. Skin {Muse} Supernova – Sugar @ Collabor88
[1] Nox. Noir Liner [Five]
[2] Nox. Rise [Jasper] Blush
Hair: Exile – Collide – Dark Reds
Ears: [MANDALA] Taper Ears – Female

Coat: *chronokit* ModsCoat02 Black – New!
Boots: redMint – ePunk Boots No. 05

Headpiece: [Keystone] Zahidah’s Crown – The Fantasy Collective – Feb. 20th
[1] random Matter – Buried Memories – Black
[2] *May’s Soul* Nose Chain double black


Why can’t I just trade a dream for a way, to peel back the shade behind the gray.

A frozen love.

I’ve sought my solace in this cold void;
Searched for promises, made solemn choices.
Left the embers in my core to kindle,
Hidden in a labyrinth temple.
Did you seek me out, my beloved?
The lands you trekked were many,
With hardships aplenty.
Very much like moths to the deadly flames we became.
Yet we embraced fire for the purest death –
Rising from ashes.
Shelter me when the world shows blight.
Covet my heart when it has no more might.
This flesh I have, I give to you.

– Fear.


With the festive weather change being experienced in both worlds, I definitely wanted to immerse into the seasons greetings with my beloved companion, ᴀᴏɪ “ᴘʀᴏᴘʜᴇᴛ” Yᴀᴛᴀɢᴀʀᴀsū (nightmare.rain).  These pictures have been a long time coming since I am not only a procrastinator, but a perfectionist for the best shot. So, for all those that visit, thank you for your support and I hope I can continue to grasp your love of word, sight, and sound. Stay tuned with even more adventures featuring myself and my partner in crime, for things are going to get even more interesting. In the meantime, safe paths and happy holidays from House Adrastus and Clan Yatagarasu!


[Outfit Styling Card]

On Fear:

[1] Glance Skins – Lana – Fair – Glossy Lip 02
[2] MONS / Makeups – Eyeliner Smokey – orange
Teeth: PXL OpenMouth Pro
Ears: AITUI – Mesh – Stretched Ears 2″
Hair: Liquence – F3 in Natural Fades – Shaved

Dress: Junbug Deer Me Fur Gown in Fawn RARE
Shawl: ryvolter – Mink Princess Stole – Brown

Armor: [The Forge] Eldar Armour Female (Wood)
Necklace: .Enfant Terrible. Chloes Collier antique gold @ We ❤ RP! Round 8
Bracers: .Enfant Terrible. Rose Gold Cuffs Bracers @ We ❤ RP! Round 8
Headpiece: .Enfant Terrible. Wood Crown Brown @ The Fantasy Collective: The Woodlands
Hat: Remarkable Oblivion – Festivat – Coventry Carol @ The Arcade – December 2013
Baby Dragon: ~Alchemy~ Baby Dragon {Fire} @ We ❤ RP! Round 8

On Prophet:

Skin: The Skin Shop – Yves Muscular
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Alexander Hair Winter
Teeth: PXL Openmouth Pro Teeth V2
Eyes: [Buzzeri] Orb Eyes Frost
Facial Hair: CheerNo Body Facial D #3

Sweater: Dynasty Winter Hoodie Earth Rare @ The Arcade – December 2013
Pants: Chronokit Cropped Sarrouel Pants Black
Boots: Sleepy Eddy Engineer Boots (Dark Brown) @ The Arcade – December 2013

Hat: Remarkable Oblivion – Festivat Silver Bells @ The Arcade – December 2013 
Mittens: 8F8 Deer Mitten @ The Arcade – December 2013
Pipe: ::BEETLEBONES:: Bubble Pipe
Piercing: .Pekka. Hypnotic Piercing

[Sim Credit]

Village of Gardar – Gorean sim.

We’re leaving together.

No moons.

||The Red Witch gazed to a sky vacant of the three fond moons – such was a perfect darkness. It devoured the lands to all sides and thus dimmed senses less keen to her line of business work. The underground thrived in this zone of pitch black; where murmurs were shared alongside code. Those she worked alongside knew well of their trade and such made the coin run smooth and rich. And so in turn they were fond of her, ensuring they had a place in such a harsh world, and not only that, but a status to feed their palate for wealth. Nonetheless, it was these moonless nights that spiked her blood with adrenaline and gave the rush to mortal bones, knowing one day those chains would be broken.||


Courtesy of .Enfant Terrible. are these Vintage Girl accessories: fur shoulders and hat, and rings, available in beige and grey. These pieces and so much more will be in the upcoming Jewelry and Accessory Expo 2013, brought to you by Siren Productions, opening December 6th and running through the 21st. There is word of over 100 designers on two sims! So prepare yourselves for all the accessories that just make an outfit complete! While I love vintage in the real world, it was quite a challenge to incorporate such a style into even my ‘gorean evolved’ gear, but I tried! Last but not least, if you haven’t visited Shoetopia 2013 yet, be sure to do so before both sims close their doors November 30th @ 11:59PM SLT! Enjoy and in the meantime merry travels.



[Outfit Styling Card]

Skin: Essences – Song – Doux
[1] [the Skinnery] Runa Lip Intensity 6
[2] +Nuuna+ Meta – Grey 90%
Eyes: Dead Apples – Phantom Eyes – Snow
Hair: Magika [01] Wait

Outfit: .Shi Sheer Short Suit (Black) [Rigged Mesh]
Vest: Razor /// Ring Leader – Black
Boots: CandyDoll – Eleanora Black (used with SLink Feet Mid) @ Shoetopia 2013 (Shoetopia 1 & Shoetopia 2)

Fur: .Enfant Terrible. Vintage Girl fur hat and shoulder parts @ Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2013 – December 6th
Rings: .Enfant Terrible. Vintage Girl rings @ Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2013 – December 6th
Armor: [The Forge] Daerwen Armor (Black/Bronze)
Rosary: .Pekka. Rosario de madera – wood red – gacha @ The Fantasy Collective (The Woodlands)
Knee guard: dirtyland – Knees guard


This is our empire.


Winter praise.

||With the blanket of a freshly fallen snow, an icy beauty also represented a time of rest. But in the mystic eyes of The Red Witch it also stood as a time for change. As the seasons changed, time passed, and thus she grew and adapted all the more to the brutal world at her back. Even as the cold filled her lungs, it was refreshing and revitalized the senses to remain sharp. She’d bask in this time of year and took to heart all the lessons that would come to pass. This was to be a time to admire, as well as one for suffering, for while a peace came to some lands, she’d never settle.||


While I am indeed belated, you still have time to visit the 30L Gacha Fling, located here – open until the 26th of November. My distractions of work and making the most of beta-testing kept me from drowning in the craze of this event, but you will definitely not be disappointed. I am very thankful to Jalilah of the re-branded .Enfant Terrible. for sharing her items that are featured in the gacha (pictured wings, crown, and necklace being ULTRA RARE). The representation of white really is rare for me to portray, as I prone to buy black, greys, and of course red attire and hair. If anything though, this quick styling was both elegant and fun, for I owned a lot more white or platinum items than I thought! So I do hope you enjoy, and be sure to hop on over to 30L Gacha Fling AND The Fantasy Collective (Theme for November: The Woodlands) located here. Shop and make merry all!


[Outfit Styling Card]
[1] +Nuuna+ Makeups v12 4 (tintable)
[2] +Nuuna+ Meta makeups (white)
Eyes: Dead Apples Phantom Eyes – Snow
Eyelashes: Clemmm – White Tintable Prim Lashes
Hair: D!va Hair “Giz” (Type A)(Platinum)

Dress: MAAI – Ideya / White

Collar: .:GSpot:. Decor Collar – Porcelain 1
Necklace: .Enfant Terrible. Frozen Heart Gacha Ice Necklace @ 30L Gacha Fling
Crown: .Enfant Terrible. Ice crown (scripted) RARE @ 30L Gacha Fling
Wings: .Enfant Terrible. Frozen Heart Gacha Wing L & R ULTRA RARE @ 30L Gacha Fling
Belt: from Plastik. Pure Outfit – Rhea Belt // Light
Bracer: from .a i s l i n g . Saku Jewels Set – White
Staff: [Little Tasta] Tallis Staff 1 @ The Fantasy Collective: The Woodlands

Can you die without pain?

On the hunt.

||The news of another uprising slithered through home and villages alike like whore with too much time on her hands. Many of her cargo ships had been marauded upon docking in a port city, or word simply vanished on the breeze. Such left a sour taste on the Red Witch’s palate, but it did not diminish her goal of acquisition. If thieves or the like were going to steal what she had already gone through the process of taking, then why not make it a game in determining who was better suited with the title. She rained news down upon those of loyal standing at her side like a freshly fallen rain – wishing to retrieve any identities or direction in which to surge her rage. Many goods were beyond rare, or contraband meant only for her eyes; so a personal game it became. Nonetheless, with her networking about the lands from sea to mountaintop and growing idly day by day, she’d have the news or heads upon her doorstep in no time. This hunt was going to be fun.||



*Armour: [The Forge] Eldar Armour, Female (Wood) by Deccan Arida
*Scarf: .Enfant Terrible. – Woodland special brown by Jalilah Jewell




*Dress: 22769 – [femme] Forest Elves Queensdress by Paco Pooley
*Crown & Necklace: ieQED – & twig.necklace.bark by SigiFaust Resident (sold separately)





*Dress: Peqe – Elven – Grey by Inex Hax
*Antlers: from Cellar Door – Avari by Wolfy/Nitestar Albion
*Headpiece: [Keystone] Woodland Headpiece by Nia/Aymee Monk


And featured above are outfits inspired by the now opened event known as The Fantasy Collective, with November bearing the theme of The Woodlands. Definitely make time in your sim hopping ventures to immerse and buy to your hearts content all of these exclusive and original designs by amazing and awe-inspiring creators. I personally cannot be more grateful that my fantasy love is begin fed by like-minded talented folk who have taken the time to plan, collaborate, schedule, and design, not only for their sake, but for you, the fellow fantasy lovers.

The Fantasy Collective


If your mind is curious, be sure to click the post above for the website. As for in-world, visit The Fantasy Collective located here.


Give her the sun.

||She dreamt that night had fallen eternally – gracing the lands with a death that ate slowly away at its victims. The green of her wilderness faded swiftly and in turn she felt herself crumbling away within. This was not the Dark Ages she wished for, nor hoped for – thus the powers at will had made a concept become real. And so, The Red Witch cried and mourned with great powerful sorrow – a pang of heart working to summon the return of the Central Fire. She woke with a start, wondering what turn of events this vision represented. Superstition rode heavily on her heart, so a mind worked in a wary state – well aware a change was at hand.||


And just a couple days to go until The Fantasy Collective opens with its November round of The Woodlands. There is much elegance found in the earthy hues, coupled with the symbols of nature. And I have to say that ωolƒу DaraKaru (nitestar.albion), owner and creator of Cellar Door, captures the power of the wild in each and everyone one of her outfits. As presented in Avari, which comes with a high-waisted, though slimming skirt and shawl, and we cannot forget the accessory of these darling antlers. I definitely had too much fun adding accessories to complete ensemble and hope you are excited for this up and coming event! Remember all the designers have created exclusive items and indeed have busted their arses to deliver. Thank you all! So as you wait, merry travels!


[Outfit Styling Card]

Bodypaint: from .Enfant Terrible. – Woodland Special @ The Fantasy Collective (Theme: The Woodlands)
Makeup: +Nuuna+ Meta – white 90%
Hair: Magika [02] Sudden – New!

Outfit: Cellar Door – Avari @ The Fantasy Collective (Theme: The Woodlands)

Eyepatch: [The Forge] Eyepatch Band Free @ We <3! RP
Belt: Nyte’N’Day – Ginger Belt
Bracers: [The Forge] Viking Bracers (Wood Common)
Bracelet: Remarkable Oblivion – Philippines Relief Bracelet

Sword: [EZ Weaponry] Wrath’s Conviction
Shield: House Adrastus Shield [Not for sale]

The Fantasy Collective

We gotta get out.