Momento mori.

||These days that melt into night – mesh within their memories of time’s passage. As the Thassa swallows the Central Fire this day, the Red Witch found her mind waging war upon blessed body. It was the evening haze which always brought with it phantoms of haunting thought; for reflection of life was unfortunately a human flaw. She pondered on how the underground had become stable for the most part; although an eerie quiet was cast over trade routes. Imports and exports transitioned to new lands found and settled in as base, yet she could not shake the dawning of a change in her bones. It was the lingering of a presence that cast goosebumps along flesh, if not placed senses on high alert to remain vigilante. Nonetheless, with yet another chapter sadly coming to a close, a bloodied hand tucked that book away to pull forth another and paint pages red. It was becoming progressively worrisome that a veil had been cast over her occult precognition, yet she continued forward as a nefarious plague.||





[Outfit Styling Card]

Skin: -Glam Affair- Romy skin – Base (Europa) @ Skin Fair 2014
Eyebrows: -Glam Affair- Romy skin – Eyebrow 04 (Europa) @ Skin Fair 2014
Eyeliner: [ni.ju] Dusk . liner – neko
Mouth: Loudmouth – Alli
Mouth applier: -Glam Affair- L.M. Appliers – Romy 1-3 @ Skin Fair 2014
Hair: little bones. Eden – Reds @ The Chapter Four – 1oth edition
Hands & Feet: SLink – Female Elegant & Feet Female Mid

Top: *MUKA* ColdShoulder Black
Pants: villena. – H/W Leggings Spliced Black V1
Vest: *On A Lark* Solstice Cape ~ Black
Belt: LaGyo – Rope Belt Black
Scarf: -Entente- Depp Snood

Backpiece: [CerberusXing] Katana Kanzashi (Silver) RARE @ Luck Of The Irish Gacha Fair
Cuffs: [The Forge] Viking Bracers (Black Leather) Common
Blunt: [NikotiN] Joint Blunt v.4
Mouthpiece: *NAMINOKE Sakura Mouth #4 @ Luck Of The Irish Gacha Fair
Headpiece: [Keystone] Vie Antlers BETA – Release To Be Announced

Lay me down, and wash this world from me.


And the power in my veins.

||In the depths of dreamwalking, the zenith split as a maw with jagged teeth – only to shatter and scatter. A gaping nothing held, while the lands of Gor held its breath for what may follow after. Quite the silence before the storm, with the eruptions beams of white and blue piercing down into the Counter-Earth. The Red Witch found herself blinded, before light and flames engulfed entirety. A struggle for breath came forth, as her entirety was assaulted by tongues of fire – the burning sinking beyond flesh to gnaw upon her soul. She heard her own anguished screams ringing in ears, before the physical was ripped asunder, leaving her weightless and lost. Perhaps this was the experience of death while in slumber, such remained unknown. Until of course, she felt plucked and prodded, with a body renewed. Yet her fingers flailed out to press into viscous walls which held an odd elasticity. With nails now curling she began to tear the material asunder; tumbling forth from what she glimpsed was a pod. A horror briefly lit up mystic hues, with the idle bio-luminescence shedding light to the underground she lay in. While eyes adjusted, the Red Witch was much too rooted in shock, even as Mul crept forward to assist in her cleansing. A new generation of the Hive was to be tended to.||


So, with We Love Roleplay! in full swing, everyone has also become aware of three other events: The Chapter Four is in its 11th Edition, being a monthly shopping event that opens the 4th of every month and Oneword, which is a bi-monthly event in its first round. In regards to The Chapter Four, it consists of 4 rooms: 1) Gacha, 2) Buy 1 for 2, 3) Under 100L$, and 4) Half Price. So, if anything, you get deals and sales aplenty from a wonderful selection of designers. As for Oneword, it is new to me, and I came across it while shuffling through a couple favourite blogs. The word they’ve selected for their first round is Tragedy, with each designer having to create an item, whether clothing, accessories, or poses that translate the meaning to them. Featured is the Electra gown by none other than the lovely *{Junbug}*. For those not aware, Electra is known throughout literature as the main character of two Greek tragedies, which bear her namesake – so this dress is indeed Grecian and all the more beautiful for the vengeful story it bears. Be sure to keep an eye out for more information and future rounds, by clicking here for Oneword, and clicking here for The Chapter Four. And now, to hop back to We Love Roleplay!, for the theme displayed and exercised this round is that of ‘Druids‘. Such a mystic power is held around the enigma of what and who these priestly beings truly were, even to this day. We may fantasize or hold theories, but nonetheless, I thoroughly love how this 10th round came together. Shown is Alchemy‘s Druid Headdress, which includes a full HUD to change all three sets of horns and adorning jewels and Aii‘s Anima Halo, available in a pack that has Bronze, Gold, Ivory, Onyx, and Silver to hover at your back. Lastly, to sneak in that third event: The Fantasy Room, brought to us by the same team which brought you The Gorean Room. It is a monthly event focused on bringing new releases for all of us roleplayers, whether in the form of clothing, hair, weapons, accessories, poses, decor, and the like for as little as 50-70L$. Shown is Moragh’s Crown by [Keystone], which I find signature of Nia/Aymee‘s intricate headpiece style. Hope everyone enjoys and basks in their own collection of goodies! Merry travels and safe paths!



[Outfit Styling Card]

Skin: -Glam Affair- Aria Skin (Asia tone) Combination 01 @ The Arcade – March 2014
Hair: MOON {Hair} Paper Cuts – Reds @ The Chapter Four – 11th Edition
Tattoo: -UtopiaH- Haunted Tattoo & SLink Hands Appliers @ Whore Couture Fair 3
Hands: SLink Hands Female – Elegant
Feet: SLink Feet Female – Mid

Dress & Shoulder Drapes: *{Junbug}* Electra @ Oneword 

Headpiece: Alchemy – Druid Headpiece @ We ❤ Roleplay! 10th Round
Crown: [Keystone] Moragh’s Crown @ The Fantasy Room
Collar: KRUX – Female Tribal Collar
Bangles: [EY:NO] Mess Bangles (gold)
Halo: Aii – Anima Halo @ We ❤ Roleplay! 10th round

Blow me away.

I shall light my own way.

||A deep sleep had oddly enough been beneficial to the Red Witch; granting a restoration to mind and spirit. With thoughts still a clinging craze however, she chose to shake away the haze – taking in the rise of Central Fire over wild lands.  The golden allure was astonishing as it brought an odd sense of the ethereal realm across land usually viewed as dank and decrepit. In standing in the threshold of home base and the outside, she felt in-between different worlds; a sly smile came upon lips, brightening the return of hue to mystic eyes. It came as a passing thought as to why she chose Myrmidon before other grounds, for it was a reminder of nature that had welcomed her into this world. With the distant sea glistening beyond a stretch of trees, such was the Red Witch’s focus now – the influence of the water ports. It was time for the Thassa to truly bless.||



Today my influence stems from new releases, as well as visiting the main locations of stores that I come by via an event. Firstly, is [The Plastik], brought to the grid by Aikea Rieko. Once introduced  years ago, I honestly became hooked to all that this store entailed. Visually was the sense of a fantasy world glorified via the build of main store and the creations within. Ranging from casual wear, formal wear,  and accessories, alongside her line of beautiful skins, eyes, and mystical markings – [The Plastik] certainly delivers to every audience; even men! Ontop of all of that, her textures are by far the most unique I’ve encountered from my ventures all about in-world; truly clothing you in beauty and unique vision. Next comes Peqe, delivered to us by Inex Hax. I will honestly say I must thank the first round of The Fantasy Gacha Carnival for bringing this creator on my fashion radar. Whenever I am wanting to feel both classy and of high-caste, I find myself peering into the main store for more colors or styles of dress or skirt. Each cut of attire is detailed and slimming once you don them. On top of that, her palette of colours are true and vibrant to their namesake – never dull or off the path. Last but not least, is the hair store [elikatira], courtesy of Elikapeka Tiramasu. As most know, but if you do not, this store has undergone a rebirth of sorts. Elika chose to retire all of her old hair styles, and is now bringing the grid brand news ones one hairdo at a time. There is surely a style for everyone, as they range from short to mid-cuts, with lovely variety in how they frame or cover the face. Short and sweet, so you have the time to hop on over and decide for yourself! So merry shopping all.


Skin: .Atomic. Skin {Muse} Supernova – Sugar @ Collabor88
[1] +Nuuna+ Meta – Red 90% (F)
[2] Nox. Noir Liner [Five]
Hair: [elikatira] – Kendel – Redheads – New!
Eyes: Dead Apples – Phantom Eyes
Azz: L.Inc – Cute Azz
Feet: SLink Feet – Female Mid

Vest: Peqe – Long Fur Vest – Black
Top: the Plastik. – Kele Outfit – Black – New!
Skirt: Peqe – Slit Skirt – Black
Stockings: C h a r y. Geo Tights (Style 3) – Cute Azz applier
Socks: .Shi : BAROQUE \ Heel Socks {Set 3.Rigged}

Hood & Scarf: Maitreya – Voluminous Scarf – Black
Mask: 22769 ~ [accessories] Terka Mask Red White RARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Joint: [NikotiN] Joint_Blunt @ The Chapter Four – 10th Edition
Belt: LaGyo – Rope belt Black

Feet turning black, is this the path we must walk?

The clutches of end.

|| Before her mind had delved into the occult, the Red Witch had grown up in the company of not only her family, but the protective shadow of a She-Wolf.  This She-Wolf trekked far and wide, even into the holds of wretched city walls to remain loyal in the presence of her Mistress. However, the red maned woman knew that one day, such a majestic one would one day fall to the passage of time; though she yearned for such a day to never reveal itself. Unfortunately, the She-Wolf had met a morbid end instead, by the means of human hands, not the natural rhythm – and for that, the Red Witch’s fury surfaced beyond usual containment. Slaughtered and skinned was the fate her precious She-Wolf had met – and so it mirrored onto those found redhanded. Long was the process of flaying – body after body succumbing to the loss of blood, if not the shock of pain. Perhaps the life for a life would bring peace to her lost She-Wolf companion. The Red Witch could only hope, and only pray.||



[Outfit Styling Card]


[1] booN STK131 hair red
[2] booN hairpieces TANA01 red
Eyes: Clemmm – The Whites


[1] Gawk! Black Cozy Mini Sweatshirt
[2] Sn@tch Strapped in Corsets – Red
[3] Le Primitif – Fishtail Blouse (Black)
Skirt: Pink.Chic Maxi Skirt Black
Gloves: *COCO* Leather Gloves Black @ The Chapter Four


Horns: Remarkable Oblivion – Baphomet Horns – Infernal @ The Body Modification Expo
Shoulders: From GizzA – Deathly Silence [Black]
Choker: From GizzA – Deathly Silence [Black]
Necklace: [BlackPearls] Gacha Machine Celtic Wulf Necklace (Sugilith) rare @ Fantasy Gacha Fair

I want you crying, when you’re dirty in the front of me.

Capricious eve.

||At the feet of the Voltai did the Red Witch’s caravan reach again – destination: Hochburg. Alas nightfall had settled on their backs again and the safekeep of camp was made. With different rounds standing watch, she felt some safety; her own two eyes bringing the most security. Alongside that of her newly found Free Companion, she could only trust another man so much – such was the habit of a manhater. These men about her were contracted by blood, but as the recent uprising from these very mountains had shown, sometimes blood was tainted. Nonetheless, these men seemed sated in their duties and the abundant coin that came with – so for the time being, everyone was happy. Even so, she was wise not to mix leisure with business, well aware that after the matters in Hochburg were settled, she could enjoy and come to terms with this claim.||




So, I went on an adventure to The Chapter Four, a monthly shopping event that opens every 4th day of the month and stays open for two weeks. There are four rooms with four different sale themes from various designers: a Gacha Room, Buy 1 for 2 Room, Half Price Room, and Under 100Ls Room. There are skins, clothing, accessories, photo props, and even home decor available, so definitely plan a trip and visit back monthly! Also, The Body Modification Expo (presented by Depraved Nation) has opened to the public and while I have yet to take a gander just yet (gawds forbid I do, but just you all wait!), I am thoroughly excited to see all the exclusive items. Keep in mind that the content of this Expo will be accessories galore rather than clothing, and all items will be 50% off the normal selling price as well.




[Outfit Styling Card]


Eyes: Dead Apples – Shattered – Blind
Hair: :pesca:chignon A/Terracotta @ The Chapter Four
Eyelashes: Clemmm – White Tintable Prim Lashes


Top: *ionic* another day – tierra @ The Chapter Four
Pants: *LpD* – *Lana* Pants Brown (Mesh) @ The Chapter Four
Sandals: Just Design – Jersey Knit


Crown: GSpot – little crown autumn
Facechain: .a i s l i n g. Xanthe -N1- Gold @ Fantasy Gacha Fair
Armour: GSpot – A Siren’s Call Gold
Necklace: .Tokame. Heart in a Cake (Wiskee Black) RARE @ The Chapter Four
Hands: [geek.] BearKnuckles =Brownie= @ The Body Modification Expo