May the waters run red.

||Oh, mighty Thassa, how you’ve cared and carried me – to many places in and out of this world. Cleanse my wounds and purify my skin as I pray within you. I’ve offered many times the life flow of others, so you too many enjoy the beginning and end as it always cycles. And here I am blessed that my prayers do not go unheard. Praise, oh mighty Thassa, as you drown me from the rest of the lands, please purge my memories of thoughts better off forgotten. I have come too far now to be stopped by the quakes of the heart.||




So it goes that work consumes, and in being the perfectionist, in-world pictures just weren’t expressing themselves as I hoped. As the world of SL continues to turn, The Fantasy Collective has once more opened the realm’s maw to bring us a world of Pirates! While the swashbuckler life isn’t exactly my favourite cup o’ tea, all the designers involved have made them quite the stylish folk. Featured is the lovely Pirate Jacket in Red from Peqe, as well as Olive‘s beautiful headband hair called Marina in Tangled Candies. There are plenty other lovely goods to mix-n-match, if not add to your personal inventory for just the perfect Pirate look or scenery. Be sure to click The Fantasy Collective banner below for more information and detailed gallery, courtesy of Seraphim. Inquire about any other piece worn in this ensemble and merry shopping!

The Fantasy Collective




One day she would be free of dreams.

||These lands of Gor were forever in their set likes of balance; set with rules that were continue on for eons to come. The Red Witch always held this concept to mind before, during, and after each exchange – whether it ended in bloodshed or led to better days. A woman was she who bore what she shouldn’t and toted in turn the dawn of new time. Many rivers would run red, with skies cast in a dark vacant of the Central Fire. Surely the shadows may dance amongst the flames which gave them life; ensnaring bones to ensure their passing into the next day and thereafter. The Red Witch had seen through many eyes, across several lands, and she’d see many more.||



So, with the whispers dispersed to all parts of the SL grid, surely everyone is anticipating the reveal of The Secret Affair, organized by the lovely Manna Montana Volcatius. As featured the creators of Pucca Fire Caster, !gO!, [Keystone] and The Annex are but of a few of the imaginative minds partaking in this grand reveal of the opening theme being Game of Thrones! Opening April 6th, the public will be able to immerse into the realm of the Seven Kingdoms themselves and don the styles favouring their beloved characters. Shop between an array of beauties that will be up for grabs, as well test your hand with gachas that will be also available. Also don’t miss the fourth season premiering on the evening of the same day, so the world can continue watching the fate lines of characters brought brilliantly to life for our own wicked entertainment. Be sure to visit The Secret Affair poster below, so you can visit the official page that include fellow brilliant bloggers and their take on styles made exclusively for this event! Enjoy and hope to see you across the Narrow Sea!






[Outfit Styling Card]

Skin: -Glam Affair- Romy skin – Base (Europa) @ Skin Fair 2014
Eyebrows: -Glam Affair- Romy skin – Eyebrow 04 (Europa) @ Skin Fair 2014
Makeup: +Nuuna+ Makeups v12 (tintable)
Mouth: Loudmouth – Alli
Mouth applier: -Glam Affair- L.M. Appliers – Romy 4-1 @ Skin Fair 2014
Hair: *Milk* Hair ~ Fossil *Reds*
Tattoo: -UtopiaH- Sweet Sacrifice Tattoo + SLink Hand Appliers
Hands & Feet: SLink – Female Elegant & Feet Womens Natural Barefeet

Dress: !gO! Shae Dress @ The Secret Affair
Cape: PFC – Northern Cape – Winter @ The Secret Affair
Sandals: SLink Ilena Sandals Gold

Horns: [Keystone] Wildling Horns – Golden rope – RARE @ The Secret Affair
[1] PFC – Dragon Slayer – Tiara (gold) RARE @ The Secret Affair
[2] The Annex – The Kraken Collection – Headdress 3 @ The Secret Affair


Let the night rebel.

||The raid had begun with a wave of fires that been masterfully plotted and mapped out through a portion of the Northern Woods. It was towards the Sardar Mountains that the flames erupted in a flourish of colour to ward off the evening fall. It was loyalists of the Red Witch that surged in caravans, with thalarion, or on their own two feet towards quiet little city of Harfax. There was trusted word that visitors rested there, thinking they hid from her eyes or grasp – but alas, such was the surge of bodies to encircle, if not ransack in surprise. Eager flames had trekked to the edge of the Woods of Clearchus, presenting an intimidating wall and aftermath of the trail the Red Witch had taken. A battle did indeed break out, with the song of clashing swords and tense bowstrings carrying across the air to join the choir of fire. A precious cargo was to be cut from chests as she tended to the objective personally. Such a distraction with a swarm of bodies had been necessary, though she had requested that the number of actual casualties be kept to a minimum – for the innocents need not suffer for their housing of the unknown. And such was a rare show of her forgiveness; as it coincided with blood on her hands.||



As promised, I bring forth lovelies courtesy of Whore Couture Fair 3, The Arcade, and We ❤ Roleplay!! Inside every woman, there is indeed a carnal fantasy wishing to slither out and make a debut – however, mine seems to bear an exotic sense of grunge. As of late I had been very fixated on staying up to date on *Milk*, with their new releases of hair, and while dreads have never been my style in the least, High End Hippy really opened my eyes. I have noticed thus far that *Milk*‘s hairs are quite voluminous, which I love and adore, and come in a variety of cuts, updoes, and styles thus far. Next is a new store I’ve come across thanks to WCF3 by the name of D-Style. The shown top is their creation that includes a texture HUD with 10 colours and six decals to choose from. Following up next from Whore Couture, are the Destroy Leggins Noir from PANIK, which present a rough edge with fishnet to compliment the grunge look I wanted to set off. This is another store that is new to my fashion radar, however, this is not the first coming across them, as they’ve been present at Project Limited and The Big Show. I’ve also changed up my skin again, thanks to The Arcade. Beautiful -Glam Affair- is sure to break the pockets of many in regards to their smooth and new refreshing face of Aria, in Asia tone. If you are curious to what all the commons and rares are, simply click here – however, in all honesty, ALL the makeups are gorgeous. Last, but certainly not least, are my love for boots, and Jada of [geek.] has mixed both cute and rough into her new releases of Gonna Take An Arrow To My Boots and Took An Arrow To My Boots (shown), available at this months round of We ❤ Roleplay! Snag them in Girly, Snow, Abyss (shown), Bruised, Creamed, Dirty, Imperial Red, or Sunny today as the event is NOW open to the public! If anything, have fun, style it up and merry roleplaying!


[Outfit Styling Card]

Skin: -Glam Affair- Aria skin (Asia tone) Combination 11 @ The Arcade – March 2014
Makeup: *Glance Skins* Lana – Fair – Lips
Hair: *Milk* Hair ~ High End Hippy *Red* @ Whore Couture Fair 3
Hands: Slink Hands Female – Elegant
Azz: L.Inc – Cute Azz
Tattoo: -UtopiaH- Haunted Tattoo & SLink Hand Appliers @ Whore Couture Fair 3

Top: D-Style – S.E.X.Y Top w/HUD @ Whore Couture Fair 3
Leggings: .PANIK. Destroy Leggins – Noir (w/ Azz Applier) @ Whore Couture Fair 3
Leg fades: C h a r y . Fades
Boots: [geek.] Took an Arrow to my Boot – Abyss @ We ❤ Roleplay! 10th round

Eyepatch: .Shi : Patch Mechanics 1. Red [UNISEX] RARE @ The Arcade – March 2014
Sleeves: .Shi : Sleeve {FEMALE} [Rigged Mesh]
Quiver: Pucca Fire Caster – Ottoman Quiver (black)
Blunt: [NikotiN] Joint_Blunt v.4

Staff: [EZ] Staff of Damascus (Midnight)
Bow: [EZ] Eldar Bow (Black)
Shield: House Adrastus Shield (not for sale)

Red walls, it’s revolution.

Animal spirits.

||The Red Witch fell deeper into the field of visions day after night – walking plains with herds of kaaila or immersed in waters slithering with thalarion. Disoriented and alone in these dreamwalks, she pondered further on what was reality or imagined. She had tread many lands, north and south; met many a people within cities or in traveling caravans. The Central Fire rose and fell from horizon to horizon, casting wicked shadows across her flesh, which then pooled about her feet. It was the Thassa that swept there now, where she was positioned on shore; a musical roar filling her ears. Bright eyes stared up to a sky veiled in night, sprinkled with what they called stars. It was said that some stars linked to form constellations of people and of animals. It brought an awe to how vivid this dreamscape was, and the fact she was conscious yet held prisoner by her subconscious. What an odd path she walked that coincided with her business and love.||


Featured are, sure enough, more of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival lovelies. By this time, everyone and their mother who has been privileged with early access has immersed into most (not all, since some designers are holding out until February 1st!) of all the original creations that hundreds of artists have made for this glorious February round. This look was not only fun to piece together, but it definitely suited my wilder side in trekking about SL GE Gor. So merry shopping and remember that there are only a few days until the Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens to the public grid. So enjoy and buy and trade with excitement!


[Outfit Styling Card – Gacha Rundown]

Jacket: !gO! gore Carnival -wolf- RARE
Hood: Axix – Voodoo Hood [Basic Brown]

Staff: .Enfant Terrible. Midsommer Dream Staff ULTRA RARE
Quiver: Pucca Fire Caster – Elven Quiver (brown) RARE

*For events like these, I’ve only been listing the available items at the Gacha Carnival, if interested in any other pieces of the ensembles, feel free to IM Fear Coy in-world!


We won’t stay silent.

She yearns for dark feasts.

||When dreams collided, these were chaotic nights for the Red Witch. Her mind’s eye saw otherworldly beings, divine places, and haunting spaces. There were figures which devoured stars one by one, and then beyond, omnipotent lights held banquet before their world ended again and again. And for limitless times it seemed to wafted on a cosmic wind, with veins heavy with herb, and a heart open to what lay beyond the stone and ground beneath her home. Slumber was always a dangerous land, but she took it as a blessing, not a curse, to feed her mind with knowledge. But when she returned to her body, what was true and what scattered falsely, or perhaps all that she glimpsed was one side and visa versa. Nonetheless, she’d wait, and hope, that miracle would occur to aid her in shaking these Gorean lands.||


Featured  are some gorgeous creations that will be available for the whole grid at the up and coming round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival this February 1st. Be sure to count down the days and prepare for the flood of pixel bodies that will sure drop down onto the sim. There is a grand mix of accessories, attire, home decor, and then some, all for your gacha fun time. So merry shopping to you all! Also a heads up that The Fantasy Collective is still currently going on with a mini-round, located here. I plan on showing off some shinies next post, but until then, you can beat me to the punch and pick up the assortment of goods available there! Merry shopping and travels!


[Outfit Styling Card – Gacha Rundown]

Corset: Yasum – Steam Ball Dress – Common – Pitch
Sleeves: [Stitched Gods] Combat Sleeve – Steel – RARE

Headpiece: 22769 ~ [ accessories] Lyra Crown Bones/Metal RARE
Collar: . a i s l i n g . Faranath Collar Rare
Wings: .Una. WindOpen Black
Belt: Pucca Fire Caster – Role Belt – Raider (black) RARE
Staff: {Exile ~ Soul’s Key} Rare staff .::C.C. Kre-ations::. RARE