May the waters run red.

||Oh, mighty Thassa, how you’ve cared and carried me – to many places in and out of this world. Cleanse my wounds and purify my skin as I pray within you. I’ve offered many times the life flow of others, so you too many enjoy the beginning and end as it always cycles. And here I am blessed that my prayers do not go unheard. Praise, oh mighty Thassa, as you drown me from the rest of the lands, please purge my memories of thoughts better off forgotten. I have come too far now to be stopped by the quakes of the heart.||




So it goes that work consumes, and in being the perfectionist, in-world pictures just weren’t expressing themselves as I hoped. As the world of SL continues to turn, The Fantasy Collective has once more opened the realm’s maw to bring us a world of Pirates! While the swashbuckler life isn’t exactly my favourite cup o’ tea, all the designers involved have made them quite the stylish folk. Featured is the lovely Pirate Jacket in Red from Peqe, as well as Olive‘s beautiful headband hair called Marina in Tangled Candies. There are plenty other lovely goods to mix-n-match, if not add to your personal inventory for just the perfect Pirate look or scenery. Be sure to click The Fantasy Collective banner below for more information and detailed gallery, courtesy of Seraphim. Inquire about any other piece worn in this ensemble and merry shopping!

The Fantasy Collective




I shall light my own way.

||A deep sleep had oddly enough been beneficial to the Red Witch; granting a restoration to mind and spirit. With thoughts still a clinging craze however, she chose to shake away the haze – taking in the rise of Central Fire over wild lands.  The golden allure was astonishing as it brought an odd sense of the ethereal realm across land usually viewed as dank and decrepit. In standing in the threshold of home base and the outside, she felt in-between different worlds; a sly smile came upon lips, brightening the return of hue to mystic eyes. It came as a passing thought as to why she chose Myrmidon before other grounds, for it was a reminder of nature that had welcomed her into this world. With the distant sea glistening beyond a stretch of trees, such was the Red Witch’s focus now – the influence of the water ports. It was time for the Thassa to truly bless.||



Today my influence stems from new releases, as well as visiting the main locations of stores that I come by via an event. Firstly, is [The Plastik], brought to the grid by Aikea Rieko. Once introduced  years ago, I honestly became hooked to all that this store entailed. Visually was the sense of a fantasy world glorified via the build of main store and the creations within. Ranging from casual wear, formal wear,  and accessories, alongside her line of beautiful skins, eyes, and mystical markings – [The Plastik] certainly delivers to every audience; even men! Ontop of all of that, her textures are by far the most unique I’ve encountered from my ventures all about in-world; truly clothing you in beauty and unique vision. Next comes Peqe, delivered to us by Inex Hax. I will honestly say I must thank the first round of The Fantasy Gacha Carnival for bringing this creator on my fashion radar. Whenever I am wanting to feel both classy and of high-caste, I find myself peering into the main store for more colors or styles of dress or skirt. Each cut of attire is detailed and slimming once you don them. On top of that, her palette of colours are true and vibrant to their namesake – never dull or off the path. Last but not least, is the hair store [elikatira], courtesy of Elikapeka Tiramasu. As most know, but if you do not, this store has undergone a rebirth of sorts. Elika chose to retire all of her old hair styles, and is now bringing the grid brand news ones one hairdo at a time. There is surely a style for everyone, as they range from short to mid-cuts, with lovely variety in how they frame or cover the face. Short and sweet, so you have the time to hop on over and decide for yourself! So merry shopping all.


Skin: .Atomic. Skin {Muse} Supernova – Sugar @ Collabor88
[1] +Nuuna+ Meta – Red 90% (F)
[2] Nox. Noir Liner [Five]
Hair: [elikatira] – Kendel – Redheads – New!
Eyes: Dead Apples – Phantom Eyes
Azz: L.Inc – Cute Azz
Feet: SLink Feet – Female Mid

Vest: Peqe – Long Fur Vest – Black
Top: the Plastik. – Kele Outfit – Black – New!
Skirt: Peqe – Slit Skirt – Black
Stockings: C h a r y. Geo Tights (Style 3) – Cute Azz applier
Socks: .Shi : BAROQUE \ Heel Socks {Set 3.Rigged}

Hood & Scarf: Maitreya – Voluminous Scarf – Black
Mask: 22769 ~ [accessories] Terka Mask Red White RARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Joint: [NikotiN] Joint_Blunt @ The Chapter Four – 10th Edition
Belt: LaGyo – Rope belt Black

Feet turning black, is this the path we must walk?

On the hunt.

||The news of another uprising slithered through home and villages alike like whore with too much time on her hands. Many of her cargo ships had been marauded upon docking in a port city, or word simply vanished on the breeze. Such left a sour taste on the Red Witch’s palate, but it did not diminish her goal of acquisition. If thieves or the like were going to steal what she had already gone through the process of taking, then why not make it a game in determining who was better suited with the title. She rained news down upon those of loyal standing at her side like a freshly fallen rain – wishing to retrieve any identities or direction in which to surge her rage. Many goods were beyond rare, or contraband meant only for her eyes; so a personal game it became. Nonetheless, with her networking about the lands from sea to mountaintop and growing idly day by day, she’d have the news or heads upon her doorstep in no time. This hunt was going to be fun.||



*Armour: [The Forge] Eldar Armour, Female (Wood) by Deccan Arida
*Scarf: .Enfant Terrible. – Woodland special brown by Jalilah Jewell




*Dress: 22769 – [femme] Forest Elves Queensdress by Paco Pooley
*Crown & Necklace: ieQED – & twig.necklace.bark by SigiFaust Resident (sold separately)





*Dress: Peqe – Elven – Grey by Inex Hax
*Antlers: from Cellar Door – Avari by Wolfy/Nitestar Albion
*Headpiece: [Keystone] Woodland Headpiece by Nia/Aymee Monk


And featured above are outfits inspired by the now opened event known as The Fantasy Collective, with November bearing the theme of The Woodlands. Definitely make time in your sim hopping ventures to immerse and buy to your hearts content all of these exclusive and original designs by amazing and awe-inspiring creators. I personally cannot be more grateful that my fantasy love is begin fed by like-minded talented folk who have taken the time to plan, collaborate, schedule, and design, not only for their sake, but for you, the fellow fantasy lovers.

The Fantasy Collective


If your mind is curious, be sure to click the post above for the website. As for in-world, visit The Fantasy Collective located here.