One day she would be free of dreams.

||These lands of Gor were forever in their set likes of balance; set with rules that were continue on for eons to come. The Red Witch always held this concept to mind before, during, and after each exchange – whether it ended in bloodshed or led to better days. A woman was she who bore what she shouldn’t and toted in turn the dawn of new time. Many rivers would run red, with skies cast in a dark vacant of the Central Fire. Surely the shadows may dance amongst the flames which gave them life; ensnaring bones to ensure their passing into the next day and thereafter. The Red Witch had seen through many eyes, across several lands, and she’d see many more.||



So, with the whispers dispersed to all parts of the SL grid, surely everyone is anticipating the reveal of The Secret Affair, organized by the lovely Manna Montana Volcatius. As featured the creators of Pucca Fire Caster, !gO!, [Keystone] and The Annex are but of a few of the imaginative minds partaking in this grand reveal of the opening theme being Game of Thrones! Opening April 6th, the public will be able to immerse into the realm of the Seven Kingdoms themselves and don the styles favouring their beloved characters. Shop between an array of beauties that will be up for grabs, as well test your hand with gachas that will be also available. Also don’t miss the fourth season premiering on the evening of the same day, so the world can continue watching the fate lines of characters brought brilliantly to life for our own wicked entertainment. Be sure to visit The Secret Affair poster below, so you can visit the official page that include fellow brilliant bloggers and their take on styles made exclusively for this event! Enjoy and hope to see you across the Narrow Sea!






[Outfit Styling Card]

Skin: -Glam Affair- Romy skin – Base (Europa) @ Skin Fair 2014
Eyebrows: -Glam Affair- Romy skin – Eyebrow 04 (Europa) @ Skin Fair 2014
Makeup: +Nuuna+ Makeups v12 (tintable)
Mouth: Loudmouth – Alli
Mouth applier: -Glam Affair- L.M. Appliers – Romy 4-1 @ Skin Fair 2014
Hair: *Milk* Hair ~ Fossil *Reds*
Tattoo: -UtopiaH- Sweet Sacrifice Tattoo + SLink Hand Appliers
Hands & Feet: SLink – Female Elegant & Feet Womens Natural Barefeet

Dress: !gO! Shae Dress @ The Secret Affair
Cape: PFC – Northern Cape – Winter @ The Secret Affair
Sandals: SLink Ilena Sandals Gold

Horns: [Keystone] Wildling Horns – Golden rope – RARE @ The Secret Affair
[1] PFC – Dragon Slayer – Tiara (gold) RARE @ The Secret Affair
[2] The Annex – The Kraken Collection – Headdress 3 @ The Secret Affair



Revelation fall.

|| Solace came in a series of forms, but mainly that of slumber. It was within the cocoon of blanket and one’s own mind that the Red Witch drifted towards the answers she sought. A blank slate awaited her one evening, where a variety of hues rained down from the skies. At her feet was an ocean born from a pool of blue, with every idle drop of a random colour birthing a koi. Each chose to dart off in opposing directions, offering self in sacrifice to become mountains, sylvans, if not a civilization. The Red Witch stood in awe, suspended above calm waters, where the sky completed itself with mesmeric sunset. However, a familiar face was standing on the shore, marked by a wicked crown of jagged black antlers. A palpitation of heart hit her hard, while realization dawned in dark regards upon her face. With an idle shake of that red mane, she deemed the painting of this world  to be left unseen. And thus, she began anew.||



Just a heads up that Genre has re-opened today with the mystical sharing of ‘Fae‘. As shared in the past:

Genre is a new monthly event that focuses on celebrating the different cultures within SL. With so many creators designing for these special communities, it was high time that they had an event of their own, not only bringing them and their talents to the general populace of SL, but also at a price everyone can afford. Each month a specific genre is chosen along with a theme to help inspire and unify the designers in their creations, with a price cap of 100L per item, each item being new and exclusive to the event (only for the duration of the event at which time you may release in your shop at regular price.) Starting on the 15th of every month and ending on the 12th, people will have a lil less than a month to visit the event.’ So do enjoy and partake of the lovelies while you can!




[Outfit Styling Card]

Skin: .Birdy. Delilah ~Pure~
[1] +Nuuna+ Meta makeup – Gray 90%
[2] C h a r y . Blurred Lines 5
Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Sirena

Dress: Una. Tudor Dress White
Shawl: Part of [Black Pearls] Brienna

Headpiece: [Keystone] Emika’s Headpiece @ Genre – Fae
Crown: (epoque) Jagged Tiara – Obsidian
[1] 22769 ~ [accessories] Ram Antlers – Metal/Black
[2] aii – Enchanted Lantern Horns
[1] aii – Arcana Halo
[2] aii – Hellfire Halo
Necklace: ieQED twig. necklace. bark


I’ve put a spell on you.

||A few visitors had come a’knockin’ on the Red Witch’s door: stained by blood varnish and placed in the shadow of her Adrastus family banner. Some had brought forth bundles of herbs or random tomes they either wanted translated or to offer up in trade for her services. They murmured of ‘fire’ and ‘eyes’,  wanting to discuss more of what they had heard across cities and amongst traveling caravans. She assured them she was no con-artist, nor did take the occult and the power it could bring lightly. Surely steel ruled the lands of the surface, but below and beyond another realm reigned – her source of strength. With secrecy maintained, any guests were led into the depths of her home within the wild of Myrmidon. Quite the hospitable hostess, their attention was maintained and palates kept sated with varying teas or brews. However, such was a lesson of perception, if not trust. And to not fall under the enthrallment of the red that crowned her head, or even the words that lulled from accented tongue. Some minds were too eager, if not greedy, as was read of their auras once they came upon her doorstep. Thus, living beings came in, bodies hauled out. Such was the price for her aid, when you came to deceive.||





[Outfit Styling Card]

Skin: .Birdy. Delilah Skin ~Pure~
[1] +Nuuna+ makeups v10
[2] Glance Skins – Lana – Glossy Lip 09
Hair: [LeLutka] Jasmine – Dark Reds
Ears: [MANDALA] (FEMALE) Taper Ears
Tattoo: -UtopiaH- Innocence Tattoo @ Silicone
Feet: Slink Womens Natural Barefeet Mesh Rigged
Hands: .Shi : Fingerless Glove [Female] RARE (Past Arcade gacha item)

Dress: REIGN. – Dolly Dress – Black
Leggings: Maitreya Mesh Leggings – Black
Jacket: C h a r y . – Coles Shrug (Black)
Sandals: Slink – Ilena Sandals Black

Crown: Remarkable Oblivion – Lich Crown @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival – February Round
Horns: Remarkable Oblivion – Cherubim Horns – Longbow White @ FaMESHed – February Round
Quiver: PFC ~ Ottoman Quiver (black) @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival – February Round
Kneepads: *Epic* Dark Gladiator Knee Guards
Shoulderpieces: .Enfant Terrible. Decor Armor Shoulders (black) @ We ❤ RP! – Round 9
[1] .Enfant. Terrible. Decor Armor Necklace (black) @ We ❤ RP! – Round 9
[2] Axix :: Voodoo Necklace [Red Roses] RARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival – February Round
[3] [Keystone] Forge bound snake collars – onyx @ Marketplace


You get me closer to god.

Slithering on.

||The North remained dominated by its bitter winter; a shroud leeching the very warmth from bones and blood with every breath. So with the drive to travel, the Red Witch ventured into territories and cities that had never glimpsed the sight of snow. The return of rich Central Fire to her flesh was both revitalizing and heavily needed. The lull of a port city kept her attention as it outlined the jungles, therefore bearing contraband of the reptilian sort. Much fondness fell upon the crates of serpents, of all varieties and levels of danger. The caretaker and merchant who specialized in their capture became yet another contact to her web of power – for what was another brood to her other hundreds.||


With the onset of new work, alongside the fact it is indeed the holiday season, I’ve definitely decided to keep it calm and easy going. But do not fret, I am still alive and well! While of the regal appeal, I decided to keep this look rather simple. Nia/Aymee Monk and mother-dearest of [Keystone] has released this dress from her clothing sub-brand by the name of Melodic. It is a slimming and romanesque piece, which includes a color changing HUD as well! Nonetheless you will never be disappointed with her work, whether it is of her debuted clothing line or well known accessories. So do enjoy the sights in the meantime! There is more to come.


[Outfit Styling Card]

Skin: .Birdy. Blair skin ~Pure~ Natural RARE @ The Arcade – December 2013
[1] cheLLe (moles) Beauty Marks
[2] +Nuuna+ makeups v10
Hair: (epoque) Tied Up – Heat
Hands: SLink – Female Elegant
Feet: SLink – Female Mid
Dress: Melodic. Octavia Dress (includes multi-color HUD) @ Marketplace
Body Jewelry: Parts from the Plastik. – The Naamah Body Jewelry // Noir
Scarf: [Freya] FemWarrior Scarf
Headpiece: [Little Tasta] Twig Headpiece 1 Narcissi

The light of a dream.

A deal made.

||And once more, for there were sure to be many treks back and forth, did she step off the docks of Valhalla. The waterfalls still sang to veil the lands in a lulling ambiance, and most stood about tending to business of their own. Little did they know there was much in store for the future of their lives and home; carried on the shoulders of a leader, a witch, and a ronin. The Red Witch stood as an aloof power as always; fluid and flowing across the lands like a red phantom. Yet, she had discovered a streak of regalia from having mingled amongst the high castes; so angular chin rose and doted Dia with eyes that saw there here, then, and beyond. With the dark-haired woman approaching, the grape from many’a vines was accepted and tested with teeth and palate – quite sweet and firm indeed. With eyes leveled and mindset on the same wavelength, it was inevitable that the two of them would find their calling in the same fate. A coy smile curled the corners of her painted lips, with a soft nod shifting silken tresses. “I’ve broken many a molds in getting this far.. and there is still so much to do, and so many more paths to conquer and take. I am blessed to have the contacts and clients I have now, who provide either out of their intrigue or the right coin.” Thick lashes fluttered in studying Dia’s hand, only to have it met with one of her own; dainty yet calloused here, smooth there, and strong in grasp. “Let us make history then, dear Dia.”||



[Outfit Styling Card]

Skin: [the Skinnery] Runa – bare face (champagne)
Hair: Exile – Glamorous – Dark Reds
Eyelashes: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no. 03
Teeth: [PXL] OpenMouth Pro
[1] +Nuuna+ Meta makeup (F) 90%
[2] [the Skinnery] Runa Lip Intensity 6 (included with skin)
Hands: SLink – Elegant

Dress: Pure Poison – Brina Dress – Black Leather
[1] the Plastik – Lungless Symphony – Bloodblack
[2] Gawk! Black Cozy Mini Sweatshirt
Stocking/Boots: Beusy – Black Stockings

Headpiece: -Glam Affair- Fiora Antlers Black
Shoulders: May’s Soul – rare Suala shoulder rare black @ Fantasy Gacha Fair
Armbands: Apricot Paws: FGC: Belted Armbands – Greyscale @ Fantasy Gacha Fair
Bracers: [The Forge] Asgar Bracers UltraRARE (Black) @ Fantasy Gacha Fair
Knee Guard: dirtyland – Knees Guards
Sword – [EZ Weaponry] Wrath’s Conviction (Gold)
Bow – [EZ Weaponry] Eldar Bow (Black)
Shield – Adrastus House Shield (not for sale)

Your self fulfilling prophecy.


Fiery elegance.

||Adaptation is key across lands as diverse as these. It isn’t abandonment of originality; but to survive change must happen. This phase overcame Fear time and time again as she climbed the rungs of adolescence into adulthood. In having returned to the expanse of wild and immersing herself in the lifestyle of thieves, many secrets had to be buried alongside disposed bodies. Many moons ago this was, but her ways have only grown more fine tuned to favour any situation that comes her way. Cities infiltrated, caravans intercepted, and pacts made – all to ensure her future of fortune. Despite it all, the Red Witch never tells a lie – and so facades are not played, nor a charade. If confronting this woman or passing ways, she’s but prepared to always be ten steps ahead.||


Featured today is a lovely creation from נᴀʟɪʟᴀн ѕᴇᴠᴇʀɪᴜs נɪᴇ (jalilah.jewell), owner of:

._GSpot_. Logo

In collaborating stylish fabrics to make any woman feel regal or of high caste, Jalilah has become quite the known designer for her array of gowns, dresses, slave wear, urban wear and even an array of unique accessories. While a little belated on this showing of a dress featured at the past round of We ❤ RP!, it was the perfect foundation to build an aristocratic, though occult look. Be sure to visit her main store, as well as take a look around the Fantasy Gacha Fair where one of a kind earcuffs and crowns can be your precious shinies. Enjoy!


Outfit Styling Card

Skin: [the Skinnery] Mirte – Bare face (champagne)
Hair: [taketomi] Namie Dessin [DippuDye/Kage] – DippuDye18
Teeth: [PXL] OpenMouth Pro Teeth
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard Moody Vamp – Wispy Gray
[1] Flirt – Rawr Eye Liner
[2] +Nuuna+ Meta Red 70%
Dress: G-Spot – Eleanor’s Garb – Wine
Armour and headpiece: Part of B@R – Phoenix Armor
Collar: KRUX – Female Tribal Collar
Bracers: [The Forge] Viking Bracers (Gold) RARE @ Fantasy Gacha Fair
Facechain: .a i s l i n g. Xanthe -N3- Gold @ Fantasy Gacha Fair

I’ve seen the world, lit it up.

The path She takes.

“Wild lands, turned to stone,

Build up walls and call them home.

But the gift never leaves,

The nature in which it feeds.

Return her to the wild,

The kings on high watchful.

And guide her grand,

To a long lost power.”

(A verse of Fear’s Journey)

The form of the entity that eventually grew to be Fear Kerrigan of the Adrastus house was one of careful tending and interesting background. At her initial creation, I had no clue which direction to turn her in. So, with her family at her side and being but a young adolescent, she bent and broke to the wild lands she’d been born into. However, as many know, the riches of a city beckon to all, and thus the lull lured her family into the towering walls of a place to become of high caste, if not status. Power breeds power, with the young woman succumbing to the dark road of the tantalizing occult. Knowledge in one hand, power in the other – such enabled the Red Witch to rise, wise beyond her years.


Featured is an elegant gown and cloak that I happened across while surfing many blog feeds, made by GizzA Creations (Giz Seorn). Alone it speaks of regality, and considering I just had to have it in red – such a colour makes a statement and adheres to the manifesting of character growth. Also featured is a new release from the brand new  – C H A R Y – (from the former co-owner of Delusions, Amberlee Martian); the makeup lines in themselves making a statement of stature. Definitely check out both of these fashion statements, and be sure to keep an eye on – C H A R Y – as it sure to grow and prosper!IR-2-Final1

Outfit Style Card –


Skin: -Glam Affair- Neva (America 01) @ The Boutique
Hair: BURLEY – Zia I Red 02
Teeth: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
[1] +Nuuna+ Meta Makeups (Red 70%)
[2] -Glam Affair– Couture Eyeliner no.03
[3] -Chary- Blurred Lines 1
Eyelashes: Action Mesh Dolly Lashes – Black
Eyes: Dead Apples Sinistre Eyes Lifeless
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Prosper


Undershirt: ISON – bandage suit (scarlet)
Dress: GizzA – Donna Gown [Red]


Circlet: . a i s l i n g . Sionnach Circlet
Necklace: -Glam Affair-  Isys Statement Necklace Rouge – Gold/Rouge
Staff: Imogen’s staff of Myrmidon (Not for sale)

See I’ve come to burn your kingdom down.