Side Quest: Vocaloid Bizarre

[[Music shall always hold a special place at the core of soul. And song shall be the words to weave the dreams of the entities which reside there. While some possess no rhythm, the appreciation of artists remains. In a new age, this digital age, the virtual fervor has evolved our imagination in bringing music into this world. New expressions and representations of the artform have arisen, bringing both inspiration and further of evolution. While this change continues to occur, may we never forsake the origins of the sound and where it all began.]]


As promised is a post that I am sure some have looked forward to. This side quest dabbles into the realm of Vocaloid, a program I hope to soon own and collaborate with several other artists. If you consider yourself well-rounded in the world and history of music, definitely allow yourself to research and expand your knowledge base if you haven’t (for the voice lyric and melody packages HAVE expanded past just Japanese voices~). Within the grid of SL a new sales event has begun by the name of KRAVE INC., brought to us by Delirium Style and Sanctuary Inc. To get everything in motion this April, Krave Inc. Presents Freestyle – Urban Fashion Fair. A store which I adore and love, [geek.] is participating with super adorable and quirky one of a kind items! As featured is the Never Bored Belt (available in Pink, Red, Gold, Green, Purple, Teal, White, and Black), as well as Kraving the Rainbow Necklace Gacha (available in Common: Evil, Girly, Mystical, Rasta, Skit-tels, Sky, Team, Unicorns & Rare: Classic, Evil, Girly, Mystical, Sky). Scope out these items and more as you explore this up and coming event. So, what really tied this entire outfit together were of course Remarkable Oblivion’s RAB 8 and Cat-A-Clysm Headphones, available at this month’s FaMESHed (running from the 1st-27th of each month). Accessories truly are the key in bringing out the best in any ensemble, so thank you all for making all these amazing creations that I can call my own! Be sure to not miss round 6 of The Big Show, where The Scarlett Letter will be releasing the Ridin’ Dirty skirt; available in a bunched and non-bunched version for all the stylish naughty-makers. Merry shopping all!


[Outfit Styling Card]

Skin: -Glam Affair- Brandi – Asia 04 @ Cutie Moon Fair
Makeup: [ni.ju] Makeup – Red Panda
Hair: [taketomi] – Quele – Womens Group Gift
Tattoo: -UtopiaH- Haunted Tattoo & SLink Hand Appliers + Haunted Phat Azz Applier (sold separately)
Azz: – Cute Azz
Cape: *May’s Soul* Night Cape
Skirt: The Scarlett Letter – Ridin’ Dirty – Black – Bunched @ The Big Show
Harness: .Enfant Terrible. – Harness Black Silver
Garter: -UtopiaH- My Garter Socks Monochrome Set
Boots: redMint – ePunk Boots – No.05

[1] Remarkable Oblivion – Cat A Clysm – Red @ FaMeshed
[2] Remarkable Oblivion – Super Bass RAB 8 – Red @ FaMeshed
Headpiece: [Keystone] – Crown of Amazonas @ We ❤ Roleplay! Round 11
Horns: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations – Crystal Horns ~ Pitch
Gloves: DECO – MESH Brawler Gloves (ash)
Necklace: [geek.] Kraving The Rainbow Necklace – Rare Mystical @ Krave Inc. Freestyle Urban Fair
Glasses: SORGO – AKIRA Shades / Black
Jaw: [ContraptioN] Walton’s Parade: Devil’s Mask – Devil’s Jaw *steel*
Controller: [geek.] A Geek’s Tragedy -Sunny-
Belt: [geek.] Never Bored Belt – Red @ Krave Inc. Freestyle Urban Fair
Weapon: Silk Worms & Primus – Targaryen Key Set – Rare – Black @ The Secret Affair – TBA



Side Quest: Real badasses eat chocolate chip cookies!

[[With our salvation in turmoil, we pray our days to survival and the good graces of luck. Skill is indeed innate, so the free-for-all will take its toll, and perhaps the exhaustion will reset our minds to being benevolent creatures. I walk this planet, fending off abominations whether they wear a monster or human mask; most lack any heart. But a settlement shall keep me grounded and perhaps I’ll find out if I am the hero or the villain.]]


So, it was bound to happen: my wandering back to my roots of blogging my take on modern fashion attire inspired by my view of games, writing-muse, and of course, music. [geek.], C h a r y., [Pumpkin], and -UtopiaH- have definitely aided in attire or accessories when I feel SecondLife Gorean Evolved rules and regulations just aren’t my cup o’ tea. So, in this issue I am introducing my ‘Side Quests‘, which will enable me to traverse all the realms of SL and in turn showcase a myriad of styles. But do not fret, The Red Witch will always remain, and I am sure a lot of my loyal readers will take notice of how there will always be a sliver of Her in any plane. On to the news: Depraved Nation‘s Luck Of The Irish Gacha Fair has begun, featuring an amazing selection of designers and creations for you to partake in. As per all of their events, their organization and collaboration never fails to impress my eyes and want of style.


Be sure to click the poster above for the SLURL, and be forewarned that it is bound to be both full and laggy. Help reduce your own lag and improve your rezzing speed by making the most simplest of outfit with the least amount of scripts. Otherwise, merry shopping and stay tuned as I teeter between worlds for your reading and viewing pleasure!


[Outfit Styling Card]

Skin:-Glam Affair- Amberly Europa 11
Hair: tram C601 /maroon&darksalmon + tram pigtails for C601 /maroon&darksalmon
Tattoo: -UtopiaH- Haunted Tattoo & SLink Hand Appliers @ Whore Couture Fair 3
Hands: SLink Hands Female – Elegant
Azz: – Cute Azz

Sweater: [Pumpkin] Stretched sweater (black)
Leggings: C h a r y. – Chevron Tights (Black) @ The Big Show
Garters: -UtopiaH- My Garter Socks Monochrome Set
Boots: [geek.] Worn-Out Puddle Hoppers -Green Clovers- RARE @ Depraved Nation: Luck Of The Irish Gacha Fair

Mask: [geek.] Slacker’s Etch-a-Geek – Red/Black RARE @ Depraved Nation: Luck Of The Irish Gacha Fair
Headband: Remarkable Oblivion – Diable Band @ Group Gift
Chestband: ~Darkestmind~ Chestband
Backpack: DRD – Zombie Apoc- Survival Backpack RARE @ The Arcade March 2014
Armblade: DRD -Zombie Apoc- Armblade @ The Arcade March 2014
Throwing Knives: [M e s s e r Co.] Tactical Throwing Knives
Knee Guard: -UtopiaH- My Bloody Knee

Spirit guide.

||She dreamed every night from what she could recall from childhood. They were vivid scapes of places seen, and those unexplored by her person just yet. Each adventure in slumberland led her far and wide across the lands of Gor – over land and sea. Sometimes upon awakening, she swore she’d been nested in the eyes of a tarn or a kaiila; somehow spiritually linking with the wilderness. The mountains were her home, as were the expanse of the Barrens, or the depths of the almighty Thassa. These visions paved the path of becoming an Initiate in gold, but with a defiance to learn more, harness more, and honor the Priest-Kings from afar, she very much deviated. Nonetheless, her love of the wild remains, and to this day, each and every region will serve its purpose in aiding her cause to power.||


So, just a few sidenotes since this is a lethargic day for me, but just fyi The Wizarding Faire has opened! So many odds and ends to suit your wizard needs. Including this gorgeous hair modeled from Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones by [monso]. I absolutely love it. Definitely pop in and check it out! Other than that, merry travels!


[Outfit Styling Card]

Skin: Glance Skins – Anais – July
Hair: [monso] My Hair – Khaleesi/Red @ The Wizarding Faire 2013 – organized by Mischief Managed RP
Feet: SLink – Avatar Enhancement Flat Feet
Sandals: SLink Ilena Sandals Gold

Top: ISON – silk bralette (brown)
Corset: Luck Inc. Lust Corset Dark Taupe
Skirt: Emery – Pleated Long Skirt Mykonos Latte

Belt: returned karma – The Outcast Femlaw [brown] Belt – (unavailable)
Jewelry: .a i s l i n g. Saku Set @ We ❤ RP! Round 6
[1] GSpot – Azurias Armor Bronze
[2] [HANDverk] Scale Pauldron – black
Hood: May’s Soul – My Deer Cloak

Hold a side.

Out and about.

|| Far and wide did the Red Witch venture, especially now with the freedom of lacking the ties to any city or village. However, if it wasn’t for her self-made status and station, she’d be little less an urt to say the least. That thought had come and gone, leaving a sour taste on palate – as well as leaving her thankful for being so well off in the world of coin and flesh. Nonetheless, in the here and now, she was embraced by the northern wilderness, having received a bird earlier in the day as she scouted idle villages for herbs and the like. Surprised and intrigued, a kaiila had been bought and the necessary supplies had been mounted before the fiery woman galloped off to the noted location. While still very wary of the man she had taken to in the faction of kanda business, his lettering birthed something that she had to feed to her curiosity. In leaving her steed on the edge of the forest to hunt, packs were taken on her pack and the journey resumed on foot to find him before an abandoned campfire. || Such are the current ventures in the matters of business for the Red Witch, who sets her chess pieces of up accordingly. There is much more to look forward to.


So today I decided to venture away from the black attire and take more to earthen tones as I trekked out to roleplay with a very good friend of mine.  And I am happy to say not only did I enjoy the ensemble, with accessories to boot, I thoroughly enjoyed the story I began to kick start my involvement back into the Gor underground. If you are intrigued as well, just contact or find me. Otherwise, enjoy!


Outfit Styling Card –

Skin: [the Skinnery] Mirte – Bare face (champagne)
Hair: booN WMO003
Teeth: [PXL] OpenMouth Pro Teeth
Eyes: IKON – Perspective Eyes – Blush
Eyelashes: Action Mesh Dolly Lashes
[1] Lovely Disarray – Liner Set #1: To The Point
[2] – Chary – Blurred Lines 6

Dress: Luck Inc. Nicki Snake Brown
Top: Eaters Coma – Slashed Tank / Chocolate
Skirt: Cellar Door – Ember Skirt (from Ember Outfit)
Shoes: Just Design – Jersey Knit

Face chain: . a i s l i n g . Xanthe -N3- Red @ Fantasy Gacha Fair 2013
Armbands: Apricot Paws: FGC: Belted Armbands – Forester @ Fantasy Gacha Fair 2013
Necklace: [The Forge] Boadicea’s Necklace RARE (Bronze)
Bracers: [The Forge] Viking Bracers (Wood Common) @ Fantasy Gacha Fair 2013
Headdress: SongFeather – Inspi Headress elowyn @ Fantasy Gacha Fair 2013

I smell your fear in this game.