I’ve put a spell on you.

||A few visitors had come a’knockin’ on the Red Witch’s door: stained by blood varnish and placed in the shadow of her Adrastus family banner. Some had brought forth bundles of herbs or random tomes they either wanted translated or to offer up in trade for her services. They murmured of ‘fire’ and ‘eyes’,  wanting to discuss more of what they had heard across cities and amongst traveling caravans. She assured them she was no con-artist, nor did take the occult and the power it could bring lightly. Surely steel ruled the lands of the surface, but below and beyond another realm reigned – her source of strength. With secrecy maintained, any guests were led into the depths of her home within the wild of Myrmidon. Quite the hospitable hostess, their attention was maintained and palates kept sated with varying teas or brews. However, such was a lesson of perception, if not trust. And to not fall under the enthrallment of the red that crowned her head, or even the words that lulled from accented tongue. Some minds were too eager, if not greedy, as was read of their auras once they came upon her doorstep. Thus, living beings came in, bodies hauled out. Such was the price for her aid, when you came to deceive.||





[Outfit Styling Card]

Skin: .Birdy. Delilah Skin ~Pure~
[1] +Nuuna+ makeups v10
[2] Glance Skins – Lana – Glossy Lip 09
Hair: [LeLutka] Jasmine – Dark Reds
Ears: [MANDALA] (FEMALE) Taper Ears
Tattoo: -UtopiaH- Innocence Tattoo @ Silicone
Feet: Slink Womens Natural Barefeet Mesh Rigged
Hands: .Shi : Fingerless Glove [Female] RARE (Past Arcade gacha item)

Dress: REIGN. – Dolly Dress – Black
Leggings: Maitreya Mesh Leggings – Black
Jacket: C h a r y . – Coles Shrug (Black)
Sandals: Slink – Ilena Sandals Black

Crown: Remarkable Oblivion – Lich Crown @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival – February Round
Horns: Remarkable Oblivion – Cherubim Horns – Longbow White @ FaMESHed – February Round
Quiver: PFC ~ Ottoman Quiver (black) @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival – February Round
Kneepads: *Epic* Dark Gladiator Knee Guards
Shoulderpieces: .Enfant Terrible. Decor Armor Shoulders (black) @ We ❤ RP! – Round 9
[1] .Enfant. Terrible. Decor Armor Necklace (black) @ We ❤ RP! – Round 9
[2] Axix :: Voodoo Necklace [Red Roses] RARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival – February Round
[3] [Keystone] Forge bound snake collars – onyx @ Marketplace


You get me closer to god.

The Awakening.

||Rich locks glistened as a fresh blood flow – skin an immaculate milk lacquer. The bruises and scars had long since faded from the surface, however in the depths of soul, did the Red Witch have to heal from the corruption that her adversaries had inflicted there. Far and wide did a mystical path carry her – mind, body, and soul – to lands and to people that could aid the battle against the erosion of herself. She had awoken one day, with time having lapsed into days or had it been months? Eyes long since sacrificing heterochromatic beauty to the glaze of mystic white, flecked by gold and red that gave rise to her gift of the Aura Sight gazing to and fro. The interior of a hut with the rich musk of grasslands rose over senses, before all blurred to a plains that expanded beyond the horizon. In a panic, she attempted to stagger and sidle about, truly trying to make sense of this experience. Figures and forms rose in the distance, illuminated by the grand central fire that crowned in the zenith. Family stood idly by, friends waved and gestured for her to join them. And then from the high grasses stepped forth a looming one, and she swore a mirror was placed before her. A revitalized doppleganger stood with gentle hands coming down upon features and frame. And they embraced, seeking to pull the delirious Red Witch from her medicated stupor. Unmistakable bright eyes of her inner self were warm, but sturdy, while a voice urged her to wake up. Myrmidon had taken good care in nesting her in the garden of her own home, but now, from a healing did answers need to be sought.||


And thus continues the Red Witch’s chapter after her past ordeal of being captured and tortured by the nemesis, and old friend of her companion. I am hoping for further character development, since she has sprung to life all her own in my mind. On top of that, I definitely want more involvement with other gifted writers, if intrigued, rather than just complex NPCs. So, please do not be afraid to send a shout out, or perhaps set up the bridge in which our stories can collide. As promised, here is a lovely ensemble in which I must thank Nia/Aymee Monk of [Keystone] and Jalilah Jewell of .Enfant Terrible. for once again allowing me to show off their gorgeous shinies. The next round of The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is soon to be underway this coming February, with a variety of new goods for all to try their luck at. Featured is .Enfant Terrible.‘s Fashun Crowns and Staffs, alongside [Keystone]‘s Bru’ella headpiece. I am a glutton for any good accessory or two, and these definitely add that pedestal of elegance and finesse. Also a heads up that Collabor88 has also begun a few new session for January 2013! So enjoy and be sure to mark your calendars.

[Outfit Styling Card]

Skin: Glam Affair – Mokatana – Europa @ Collabor88
[1] Glance Skins – Lana – Fair – Glossy Lip 09
[2] Nox. Noir Liner [Five]
Hair: Lelutka – Alvina – Dark Red – Jessica
Hands: SLink – Elegant

Dress: DIRAM – VICTORIA Dress – Black
Pants: Yasum – Steampunk Leggings

Headpiece: [Keystone] Bru’ella – Gold / Ultra Rare @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Feb. 1st
Nosechain: May’s Soul – Nose Chain Double Black
Crown/Staff: .Enfant Terrible. – Fashun Crowns/Staffs – Roses Ultra Rare @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Feb. 1st
Shoulderpiece: May’s Soul – Apache Set – Black
Necklace: The Forge – Aura Necklace – Red
Shield: Enigma – Shield of Eloise Black (Rare) @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Feb. 1st

Wicked whispers.

|| The winds of waterways had carried her vessel to lands where familiar faces resided. The mighty Vosk River opened its maw to the delta; and in turn the Tamber Gulf. It was from here that the Red Witch’s hired crew could drift along the coast, only to make landfall in known territory once more. Time had spanned across many months and she pondered on if she’d be welcomed or shunned by violent hands. But with ship docking and her aid busying themselves in meticulous tending to the safety of anchor and goods aboard, the Red Witch ventured out – catching the attention of allies well kept. Of them were that of Bobby and Dia, reigning from the strong and proud Kobaleinen blood line. The former of which having become quite the adept shipwright, while the latter hailed as a matriarch figure to all who inhabited her village. Nonetheless, it was amusing how fate unraveled to bring Dia and Fear into eachother’s company again – the Red Witch finding a sense of security in the presence of the dark-haired woman. This is where their whispers would begin, of foreign lands trekked and secrets learned – visions shared. Fear knew where to find safe haven for the time being. And with unrelenting patience, the Red Witch would ensure that the occult underground was to thrive once again. ||

Valhalla Flag v1

And if you’re wishing to participate or find me in-character, there is a chance I will be roaming as a phantom about these lands as a visitor. The wilderness here has undergone a rebuild, but I will say that the landscape is still breathtaking. While there are many Gorean sims that bear the open terrain as home, I am very intrigued by the dexterity of being aesthetic for roleplay, as well as being raid-worthy. Nonetheless, if story play is your cup of tea, then by all means take a trip by and visit these villagers who are very much enigmas. In other news, onward to my look of the day:



Featured are glorious goods from the Fantasy Gacha Festival and Oh My Gacha that are both open to the public! If you’re a shopaholic as I am, and must have the most up to date styles, then start out here and accessorize up! I cannot even begin to explain how much I’ve fawned over getting the ultra rare a i s l i n g Xanthe Sombre headress. Then to top it off, I was gifted with this lovely Magician’s Hat from Remarkable Oblivion. So, post had to be done and done. Enjoy!

Outfit Styling Card –

Skin: [the Skinnery] Mirte – Bare face (champagne)
Hair: [taketomi] Alena Red 02
Teeth: [PXL] OpenMouth Pro Teeth
Eyes: Clemmm – The Whites
[1] Action Mesh Dolly Lashes
[2] [LeLutka] 2011 lashes/long
[1] Little Pricks – Underliner
[2] Flirt – Rawr Eye Liner


Dress: Junbug – The Queen’s Gown Night (Rare) @ Fantasy Gacha Fair
Collar: Junbug – The Queen’s Ruff Collar Night @ Fantasy Gacha Fair


Hat: Remarkable Oblivion – Will o’ the Wisp Magician Hat – Rare @ Oh My Gacha
Headdress: . a i s l i n g . Xanthe Ultra Rare – Sombre – @ Fantasy Gacha Fair
Scarf: May’s Soul – Titania Scarf black
Backpack: Cellar Door – Willow Backpack
Belt: Trident – Initiate Belt
Piercing: (epoque) Couronne Septum – Obsidian
Snake: G.O.C.HEBIWAFemale


Scythe: [EZ Weaponry] – Glaive of Ulysses (Black)

It’s not like you killed someone.