May the waters run red.

||Oh, mighty Thassa, how you’ve cared and carried me – to many places in and out of this world. Cleanse my wounds and purify my skin as I pray within you. I’ve offered many times the life flow of others, so you too many enjoy the beginning and end as it always cycles. And here I am blessed that my prayers do not go unheard. Praise, oh mighty Thassa, as you drown me from the rest of the lands, please purge my memories of thoughts better off forgotten. I have come too far now to be stopped by the quakes of the heart.||




So it goes that work consumes, and in being the perfectionist, in-world pictures just weren’t expressing themselves as I hoped. As the world of SL continues to turn, The Fantasy Collective has once more opened the realm’s maw to bring us a world of Pirates! While the swashbuckler life isn’t exactly my favourite cup o’ tea, all the designers involved have made them quite the stylish folk. Featured is the lovely Pirate Jacket in Red from Peqe, as well as Olive‘s beautiful headband hair called Marina in Tangled Candies. There are plenty other lovely goods to mix-n-match, if not add to your personal inventory for just the perfect Pirate look or scenery. Be sure to click The Fantasy Collective banner below for more information and detailed gallery, courtesy of Seraphim. Inquire about any other piece worn in this ensemble and merry shopping!

The Fantasy Collective




All that glitters is gold.

||It had become a truth that the Red Witch knew of the finer, high caste way of life – and so, she was not a stranger to gold. You could also say that she was a hoarder of such, just in case the day came that a true uprising swept away her spoils. Always prepared was she, the one who planned and trekked where knowledge and adventure lulled. However, who knew that a woman who had rose from nothing, could now possess everything in material and in desires – such is the sway of the occult pendulum. Walk this way.||


If you turn your attention to my headdress and necklace, they are new releases from the ever-brilliant and beautiful lady, Jaliah Jewell, owner of GSpot, to be featured at the next round (November) of We ❤ Roleplay! Essentially Jaliah has taken her proud, roman inspired vexilllum of bellerophon pieces and made them into elegant and stylish jewelry to be adorned by any lovely woman. So do prepare yourself and in the meantime, merry travels!


[Outfit Styling Card]

Skin: -Glam Affair- Vera – America
Hair: [LeLutka] ADILE hair/Dark Red
Makeup: Flirt – Rawr
Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement Flat Feet

[1] GSpot – Juno Soil
[2] Luck Inc. Nicki Dress Snake Brown
Corset: Sn@tch – Strapped in Corset – Brown
Shawl: from GSpot – Aphrodisia Morning Mist
Sandals: Slink Illena Sandals Gold
Headdress: GSpot – Maris Headdress – Gold (Ultra Rare Gacha) @ We ❤ RP! Round 7 – Soon!
Necklace: GSpot – Maris Necklace – Gold Red (Common Gacha) @ We ❤ RP! Round 7 – Soon!
Bracelets: [The Forge] Boadicea’s Bracelet (Gold)
Wings: {anc} @ Horrorfest 2013

Would you mind if I killed you?

Unhallowed grudge.

||Word was swift on black wings; hailing from the glorious Thassa. However, the news was anything pleasant to the ears of villages and cities both of northern or southern origin. Something had tainted the ports; where the water and land merged as one. Many a bodies also followed suit; putrid corpses that were sea-ridden. Simultaneously the likes of various ships, missing their crew and captains hopscotched from merchant to trader – each and every head associated in crossing grounds with the Red Witch. They had drank of her stock – specialty brews only meant for the palates of those of her picking. But such is the fate of men and women that partake of spoils that aren’t for them – or far out of their league of comprehension. May they rest in pieces.||


So, everything is zooming yet lethargic at the same time. In this photoshoot, I decided to play around with high-resolution shadow settings and what not. What I received was a rather dark ambiance that set the mood for what becomes of those that turn against the Red Witch. In fashion news, I was honored with a sneak peek of .:GSpot:.’s exclusive release Raven-Nell for the up and coming ‘enchantment’ event next month. The collar and crown will be available in Black, Creme, and Gold, and after that will not be resold in these colours, so stay tuned for more news!


[Outfit Styling Card]

Hair: booN YNO421
Eyes: Dead Apples – SInistre Eyes – Pink Shades Edition
Makeup: .r.M. Obsidian Liner
Teeth: [Contraption] The Carnivorous Jaw @ Horrorfest 2013
Claws: aii – Sinner Hands – Red

Dress: GizzA – Deathly Silence [Black]

Headpiece: [Keystone] Aquilia @ Horrorfest 2013
Shoulders/Collar: GizzA – Deathly Silence
Collar/Crown: GSpot – Raven-Nell Black @ ‘enchantment’ event TBA
Harness: .Shi – Defiant Harness
Sword: Backwoods Mafia – Sword in head. (gacha) @ Horrorfest 2013


Share my sacrifice.

Capricious eve.

||At the feet of the Voltai did the Red Witch’s caravan reach again – destination: Hochburg. Alas nightfall had settled on their backs again and the safekeep of camp was made. With different rounds standing watch, she felt some safety; her own two eyes bringing the most security. Alongside that of her newly found Free Companion, she could only trust another man so much – such was the habit of a manhater. These men about her were contracted by blood, but as the recent uprising from these very mountains had shown, sometimes blood was tainted. Nonetheless, these men seemed sated in their duties and the abundant coin that came with – so for the time being, everyone was happy. Even so, she was wise not to mix leisure with business, well aware that after the matters in Hochburg were settled, she could enjoy and come to terms with this claim.||




So, I went on an adventure to The Chapter Four, a monthly shopping event that opens every 4th day of the month and stays open for two weeks. There are four rooms with four different sale themes from various designers: a Gacha Room, Buy 1 for 2 Room, Half Price Room, and Under 100Ls Room. There are skins, clothing, accessories, photo props, and even home decor available, so definitely plan a trip and visit back monthly! Also, The Body Modification Expo (presented by Depraved Nation) has opened to the public and while I have yet to take a gander just yet (gawds forbid I do, but just you all wait!), I am thoroughly excited to see all the exclusive items. Keep in mind that the content of this Expo will be accessories galore rather than clothing, and all items will be 50% off the normal selling price as well.




[Outfit Styling Card]


Eyes: Dead Apples – Shattered – Blind
Hair: :pesca:chignon A/Terracotta @ The Chapter Four
Eyelashes: Clemmm – White Tintable Prim Lashes


Top: *ionic* another day – tierra @ The Chapter Four
Pants: *LpD* – *Lana* Pants Brown (Mesh) @ The Chapter Four
Sandals: Just Design – Jersey Knit


Crown: GSpot – little crown autumn
Facechain: .a i s l i n g. Xanthe -N1- Gold @ Fantasy Gacha Fair
Armour: GSpot – A Siren’s Call Gold
Necklace: .Tokame. Heart in a Cake (Wiskee Black) RARE @ The Chapter Four
Hands: [geek.] BearKnuckles =Brownie= @ The Body Modification Expo






Pastel haze.

||Such aimless wanderings did not take her far this day. Melancholic silence befell beauteous features while thoughts drifted to the serene Thassa. Oh, how the Central Fire sank, painting the writhing surface in a flourish of oranges, reds, and golds. These moments of tranquility always made her second-guess the dark path she now tread. Yet at the same time, the deepening red brought a curling to corners of lips – for the satisfaction of that crimson as payment sated a palate these days. It wasn’t corruption of the soul; it was growing up and overcoming the weakness that veiled a woman in a man’s world. And so her reverie continued… ||


Nothing like a short and sweet display to end off a rather busy day. Writings here, working there, and being whisked off to roleplay everywhere! How I’ve missed these days though. I managed to slither away and pair together this look that is very much emphasized by the accessories I’ve added. All courtesy to GSpot, ~Pepper~, [MANDALA], and FDD. The featured gown is an artistic and darling gown by ARISKEA from the AVENUE Fall/Winter Fashion Week Collection. If you haven’t dropped into this event, it is a must to peek at. Otherwise, enjoy and merry storytelling!


Outfit Styling Card –

Skin: [the Skinnery] Mirte – Bare face (champagne)
Hair: [e] Studio (Unfortunately a retired hairstyle)
Teeth: [PXL] OpenMouth Pro Teeth
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Mysterious Eyes / Moss
[1] Glance Skins – Lana – Fair – Glossy Lip 03
[2] .Pekka. Vintage Cat Eyeliner 1
Dress: ARISKEA // Omerogic Mesh Collections // Outfits 4 @ Avenue A/W Fashion Week 2013
[1] GSpot Ghaaliyas Hairnet Gold Rare @ Fantasy Gacha Fair
[2] GSpot La Rie Tiara Ultra Rare Silver @ Fantasy Gacha Fair
Necklace: ~Pepper~ Egyptian Necklace – Gold (All Items on Sale for L$100)
[1] [MANDALA] Lotus chain Bracelet/Fall Gold
[2] From FDD Russian Lady of Gor – Bracelet L

And we’re coming for blood.