||Several months had crept by, in the embrace of painful darkness. Shackles bit upon appendages and daily forms of torture heavily afflicted flesh and bone, expanding to the mind. Whoever, whatever, had been responsible for her ‘caretaking’ so to speak knew well of her love of herbs and accompanying toxins. However, in the veil of warped surroundings did that love wane to vacant thoughts so psyche may not break. Sea-salt assailed sense of smell, with taste being the unmistakably metallic of blood. The Red Witch thought hard, beyond the dull haze of her skull’s workings, to make sense of the passage from her former point A to now suspended point B. The cover of night after being openly welcomed into the rebuilt city of Ar had been a godsend, yet she should have known better in trusting the organization of a so-called new alliance. There was no familiarity or knowledge with this Clan of Pani, which made gut feeling sink heavier. All for good reason as the evening hid the ransacking of the Cylinder of Initiates, which soon turned into the bloodbath of her contract men and women. With the wind knocked out of her mid-air, all that followed was paralysis and days that tied into nights before sense of time was indeed lost. Threads of hope did remain, however, fastened about the sole man whose current madness in losing his free companion honed his senses to scour lands preoccupied by old friend and forever rival. Her safekeep had been guaranteed when underlings delivered distracting blows – and now within the arms of savior to be nested back in the confines of her hut, who knew if the Red Witch would still be herself.||


Featured are some dark, yet elegant lovelies that definitely fit the mood of my storyline progression. I do hope that all my readers are enjoying the little tidbits thus far, and hopefully in-world we can meet and greet! Caine Engineer of [Stitched Gods] has made quite an interesting leather hide mask, with adorning horns, named appropriately as Asmodeus. Coupled with this infernal taste is a shiny gift gown, courtesy of Jalilah Jewell of the wondrous .Enfant Terrible., as she has opened a small in-world location for the time being!


[Outfit Styling Card]

Skin: .Birdy. Blair skin ~Pure~ Natural RARE @ The Arcade – December 2013
[1] cheLLe (moles) Beauty Marks
[2] +Nuuna_ makeups v10
Hairbase: booN center part A hairbase – red

Dress: .Enfant Terrible. Evening Glam Gown GIFT
Body Jewelry: Part of The Plastik. The Naamah Body Jewelry // Noir
Head Scarf: Beusy – Midnight Head Scarf
Scarf: [Freya] FemWarrior Scarf

Mask: [Stitched Gods] Asmodeus’ Mask – Black
Horns: the Plastik. Krysis Horns // Marah-Gold
Facechain: Pucca Fire Caster – Iron Queen – Gold
Belt: Aii – Potions Belt II (modded)

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